Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Administrator input

I had dinner with a school administrator from Arizona the other night. I took the opportunity to pick his brain about the use of technology in schools. I heard much of what I expected, such as the growing demand for technology, but so much of the rest of what he said was lip service. Coordination of technology is not enough; that coordination has to start with a full integration of technology into the curriculum. I hope that the powers that be will eventually see technology as the important component it is, instead of just throwing money willy-nilly at schools and hoping they can do something with it.
In that vein, I Googled my name the other day (come on, you do that too!) and found that someone at Murray State in Kentucky (The Kentucky Academy of Technology Education) had found one of the WebQuests I designed and offered it as a resource for teachers. They even listed the Kentucky standards that it meets - there are 28 of them! Take a look at their site at http://coekate.murraystate.edu/kate/tick/resource/1366/. Gee, maybe I'll be famous (NOT!).

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